This is Not a Good-Bye

Throughout the last four years I’ve found myself surrounded by some pretty extraordinary people, a lot being women. This list is only a handful of the incredible women who have made my college experience unforgettable. I could never write enough to accurately reflect my gratitude toward these women so, instead, I’ve written (approximately) 100 words to each of them.

Bobbi Sullivan

Thank you for helping me step out of my comfort zone and teaching me how to network. From creating my first resume to having mock interviews, to securing internships, you’ve been incredibly supportive of my ventures. Your endless devotion to the students on campus is incomparable, Simpson is lucky to have you. You’ve gone above and beyond to help me succeed and you’ve encouraged me when I’ve fallen short. Thank you for empowering me to reach for the stars and see the brightest sides of seemingly unfortunate situations. You’ve inspired me to be humble and generous, lessons taught through actions rather than words.


Tracy Dinesen


Tu pasión y determinación por promover el cambio me han inspirado en estos cuatro años. Me enseñaste a persistir, aun cuando sentía todo el peso del mundo sobre mí. He compartido contigo mis mayores júbilos y mis mayores tristezas. Gracias a ti, he aprendido a luchar por lo que es correcto y confrontar y defender lo que creo y amo. Me has demostrado cómo desafiar el statu quo sin miedo en la búsqueda del cambio. Gracias por ser mi asesora, profesora, mentora, modelo y amiga en los momentos más definitivos de mi vida.


Emily Keller-Lampman

When a classmate of mine recommended I participate in a mentoring program on campus, I went out on a limb hoping I’d meet someone cool. Emily, you are the sweetest, kindest, most genuinely caring woman I could’ve hoped to have as a mentor. It’s been a joy for me to get to know you and your family and to receive advice from you, even after the campus program ended. Though I’m no longer a student, I’d be honored to continue being your mentee and if I can be half the alumni mentor for some other student that you are to me, I’ll be happy.


Marilyn Mueller

You told us in class you’ve dedicated your life to learning and that’s evident in the new endeavors you take on each day. You’ve taught me that, even though I’m graduating from formal education, I’ll always be a student. Your compassion and optimism, combined with your enthusiasm for scholarship is inspiring. Your way of making challenging subjects engaging motivates me to continue learning and helped me recognize that it’s never too late to try something new. It was an honor to be taught by someone with your experience and devotion to higher education.

Lisa Carponelli

I didn’t think I’d meet a bigger fan of Psych than myself until I met you. Not only did you teach me how to shoot, edit and publish videos, you taught me how to speak confidently, live life fully, never settle and know my worth. Thank you for teaching me how to take bold risks and not to be afraid of failure. I appreciate how fierce you are and your no-nonsense mindset. Your loyalty to your student tribe is admirable and your experiences are too. Someday I hope to find something I love as much as you love cycling and the Cubs.

Zoei TonkinsonDSC_0064

I’m bummed you’ll be halfway across the country in just a short time but I’m so happy for you and Fox to create your life in Maine. Thank you for being an uplifting coworker, workout buddy, yoga partner and friend over the last two years. Your compassion for community service and health are inspiring, I know your education and ambition will take you far. I know, wherever you go, you’ll impact so many peoples’ lives for the better. Thank you for radiating positive energy into my life and encouraging me to live more mindfully.

Featured photo credit to Lucy DeBisschop, Simpson College ’17

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