Nutrition Analysis Center Continuous Improvement Efforts

Nutrition Analysis Center Continuous Improvement Efforts

Throughout 2018, Eurofins Nutrition Analysis Center will be updating multiple methods and lab processes as part of their continuous improvement efforts. Eurofins strives to be the leading provider of quality analytical services for their customers by remaining at the forefront of technology.

“As improving accuracy and precision of results are a top focus for our laboratory, periodically reviewing methods allows us to adapt and make changes to guarantee we are providing the highest quality results to custo

Eurofins Nutrition Analysis Center
A look inside Eurofins Nutrition Analysis Center in Des Moines, IA

mers while ensuring they receive the most up-to-date procedures for their products,” said Mallory Bolander, Business Manager for Eurofins Nutrition Analysis Center.

Each method being reviewed begins with research and development by the scientist group, followed by an extensive validation process. Once approved internally, the new methods enter the phase of implementation in the labs. Then, clients are notified and transitioned to the new service offering. The cycle from start to end takes a few months and is part of a broader lean implementation for continuous improvement.

“Our improvement efforts center around a few key areas: enhanced quality, efficient sample flow through the lab, and analyst safety. With every project, we are looking to capitalize on these so Eurofins can continue to be the leader in high-quality analytical service,” said Jacob Cross, Operations Support Manager for Eurofins Nutrition Analysis Center.

These changes will not impact the methods offered or the method accreditation status. Automating aspects of a certain method will improve turn-around time and lab safety for customers and staff alike.

As the lab continues to modernize their processes, customers can expect consistent and transparent communication from the labs and further improvements in analytical turn-around times.

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